Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bodybuilding,Linux and Rock n Roll

Ok,here i am again.Its been a really long long time,1 year to be exact.In the blogging world,that is something close to eternity! Whenever we waste time,we think of the wordings of songs which express our views.Most importantly,'Time' by pink floyd and 'Wasted Time' by eagles.
Rock n roll gives me a song everytime i'm down with life.It is definitely something that we like to listen to when we have tough times with our daily lives.In recent times,i've been listening to a lot of classic oldies from the sixties and fifties,like sinatra,bb king and johnny cash.The beautiful melody and lyrics written from their very core formed the very early days of rock n roll.
We definitely cant ignore how rock music changes our life,gives us strength and makes us a fighter again.
But there are two other things on which i live upon.Including rock music....bodybuilding and linux form the 3 cornerstones of my life.I've tried almost everything to make my life interesting,in these years of engineering.And finally i found out what i really love.All three fit together like pieces which were missing in my life.
I love music,that is what makes my soul work.I love bodybuilding,it makes my body work.
And finally i love linux,which is what makes me the person i want to be in life,to work on something that i really love.And also it may someday make my career work.
All the 3 have a certain factor of coolness attached to them.Practising any of these religions makes you cool.I practise all three of them daily in my life!
And also bodybuilding has been linked very closely to rock music.Freddie mercury showed us some muscularity with his fit figure.And also i dont think any rockstar was ever fat or obese! Recently most of the metal bands have started pumping iron to show off onstage,especially the norwegian black metal stars(who of course show a lot more than just muscles!)
And its a general norm of the entertainment industry to show fit and muscular people,starting from porn,to modelling to mainstream movies(even in bollywood movies these days).So bodybuilding has always been a rockstar's passion.
Sometimes its the opposite.Take Kevin Levrone for example.He's one of the biggest bodybuilders who is also a rockstar with his duo band 'full blown'.

Some may disagree on the third link,linux! But its the spirit of linux that i'm talking about here.It started as an underground movement,and is gaining importance in recent years.Intially very very few people heard about it.Now with some new age distros like ubuntu and fedora,its a threat to microsoft's business.It is ready now after more than 15 years of groundwork.
It can definitely be compared to rock music.In initial days,parents would tell their kids not to listen to rock music,like 'the doors' and 'sabbath'.But it was such a strong force that everyone got infected.Let alone just kids,everyone was drenched to the bone with ecstacy and rock and roll during the seventies.
Same is the story of bodybuilding.It was also a really underground movement.Very few people knew about bodybuilding,and people like arnold who advocated and marketed it,were considered weird.But after the 1977 documentary ,'Pumping Iron',everybody wanted to be in shape. Fitness paradise opened everywhere.And today someone who doesnt workout and doesnt stay in shape is considered outdated.If you are not into it,its never too late!

Now i hope the picture is quite clear.
Its really interesting to note how all three of them are so different,yet are so closely related to each other.
If this is the kind of life you lead,then you're with me and rocking the planet.If you're not,you're missing a small thing called 'life'.

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