Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Journey through music

'Music is food for your soul'.
Whoever said that must have felt the same way i do when he said that! There is something for every situation,every moment in life. You can in fact associate your life's moments with a song for each situation you're in.That basically makes your life an everlasting long song as it ideally should be! (Never mind that philosophical side of it) Also as jim morrison once said,"music is your only friend till the end". Its so true.No matter whether you've been an angel or an asshole,the music is always there for you in your times of joy and sorrow unconditionally.
I dont know what kind of music does it for you,but in my case,its never some single song or a single band,it come down to genres. I would prefer classic rock ballads anyday anytime,and rock'n roll most of the times.The bands PF,led zep,queen and springsteen always have a veto power,they can move in anytime they want! I dont know why,but its been a long time since i heard any heavy metal.In recent days i've been hooked on to polish blues bands and russian bands.They're great to listen to,especially when you're busy with work!
Also cat stevens/yusuf islam has been a recent favourite for me.
If you're always exploring many kinds of music like me,i can assure you this search is gonna last you a lifetime and will never go futile!

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